Embarassing Golf Moments

The other day I was thinking about how embarrassing golf can be at times, and wanted to see some embarrassing PGA moments. I found this great article after a little search…enjoy.

Golf is a game of failure. Only one player prevails every tournament. The rest, in some sense, fail. So the game’s history is chock-full of mistakes, poor shots, bad choices and embarrassing moments. Sam Snead never won a U.S. Open but he lost one when he made an 8 on the final hole. Arnold Palmer lost a Masters he thought he had won — a friend called him over to the ropes to congratulate him as he walked up the 18th fairway — when he skulled one out of the greenside bunker and made a double bogey on the 72nd hole. Ed Sneed lost a lead on the back nine at Augusta, memorably looking ……..(continued)


4 Responses to “Embarassing Golf Moments”

  1. Golf Games says:

    Good post and thanks for reminding me about the Arnold Palmer loosing the masters where thought he won 🙂

  2. LISA KLUTTZ says:

    Relevance: FedEx Cup, Sunday, September 27, 2009…..
    Should be an embarrassing moment for several people…..

    What about the PGA tour racial comment today… directed toward a shot by Tiger Woods…. on the greens…called his shot a “negro knuckleball…” what is meant by this?!
    And why is everybody pretending like it wasn’t said or heard?????!

    • Christian says:

      LOL. I think you didn’t hear them correctly Lisa. He said Niekro knuckle ball, in reference to Phil Neikro, the major league baseball pitcher who was well known for his knuckleball. Check it out here. Phil Niekro. Tigers ball apparently had a chunk of mud stuck to it in the fairway, and when he hit it, the ball didn’t spin much and just wobbled through the air, similar to a baseball knuckleball. My wife initially heard the same thing you did.

  3. roni says:

    There is no play like golf
    golf is rock