Club Review: Taylor Made r7 Strong 3 Wood

I was in desperate need of a new 3 wood for a long time, but wasn’t sure what I wanted. I like having something to hit off the tee on narrow holes, but also a 3 metal that’s good off the turf. After much deliberation, I picked up a 13* Taylor Made r7 (strong) 3 wood with the stock Fujikura stiff shaft. Now let me say that I don’t think this club is for everyone. I’m a 7 handicap and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to golfers that aren’t at least shooting in the low 80’s on a consistent basis. At 13 degrees, it’s a little more difficult to hit off the fairway, but man does it take off, with a low, piercing trajectory. The first day I had it on the course, I reached to par 5’s that I hardly ever reach in two.

Off the tee this 3 wood is very controllable. The 2 degrees less loft than my previous Nike 3 wood kept the ball at a much more manageable trajectory and the distance gain was in the 10 yards neighborhood. I have to say that the stock Fujikura stiff shaft wasn’t nearly as whippy as I figured it would be, so I will actually keep it for the time being.

Overall I would rate the Taylor Made r7 13* 3 wood a 8.5 out of 10. I got mine online at Austad’s Golf for a really good price.

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