Will Eastlake be and Embarassment?

With the condition of the Eastlake greens in question, will this course prove to be a dud for the 10 million dollar championship this weekend? According to the course superintendent, the greens are improving and players will be allowed to practice on all but 3 of the greens. Starting Tuesday, they can play a regular practice round except on the par-3 second, the par-4 13th and par-5 15th. Those greens will remain off limits. When asked about the speed of the greens, he stated that some areas might be a 4 on the Stimp meter, while areas around the hole locations could be as high as 8 or 9, but it was difficult to give an exact stimp number because of the variances in green condition. While players have outwardly expressed their concern over the condition of the course for what amounts to anther major championship, is mother nature the culprit, or did course management not do enough to keep the greens from getting in such poor condition?. So the question remains, Will Eastlake be an embarrassment to the PGA Tour? With official rounds starting in just 2 days, there’s very little that can be done to bring the greens back to championship condition in such a short time period. In my opinion, everyone should just go out there and play golf, since little good will come from complaining about something that can’t be controlled at this point.

Tiger Woods, who leads the FedEx Cup standings going into the final event, and second-ranked Steve Stricker are the only players who can capture the FedEx Cup and its $10 million prize by winning the Tour Championship.

2 Responses to “Will Eastlake be and Embarassment?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d say so far it’s not even close to a disappointment. These guys are going crazy low, and the greens appear to be in pretty good shape, all things considered. Tiger’s going to run away with this thing tomorrow…watch.

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  2. johncq says:

    When Tiger shoots 23 under and the other players are in the high teens under par, then the course must have played super easy…not that I could shoot 80 out there, but I don’t think it was a disapoitment at all. Great tournament all around.