Will Phil play at Cog Hill next week?

A few statements made by Phil Mickelson at the conclusion of the final round Monday left everyone guessing as to his intentions for next weekend’s FedEx Cup tournament at Cog Hill in Chicago. As we all know, Phil usually wraps up his yearly tournament play shortly after the PGA, but with the new format this year, he’s more or less obligated to play in the FedEx events, even more so now that he’s leading the points race. However, Phil alluded to reporters this evening that he may not play in the next event because of some promises that had not been fulfilled by PGA commissioner Tim Finchem. We can only speculate what these promises were, and if Phil’s possible decision not to play in Chicago could be a sort of payback for Mr. Finchem’s lack of response to Phil’s requests. It’s highly unlikely that the ratings would suffer from Mickelson’s absence, as they would if Tiger did not play, but Phil has an obligation to the fans of golf to put aside tour politics and finish out the FedEx matches. Hopefully we’ll know something in the next day or so….

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