Club of the week…My Scotty Cameron putter!

This weeks “Club of the Week” is my Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless 2.5 putter. I decided to feature one of my own clubs this week mainly because it’s the best club I’ve ever owned….and for me to say that about a putter is unbelievable.

I used so many putters of the years I can’t even count them all, but I always wanted a Scotty Cameron putter. In my mind, I could never justify spending $300+ on a Scotty Cameron, but one day, on a whim, I found this beauty on Ebay, and it’s been a match made in heaven. I went so far as to buy this putter without ever having putted with a Scotty Cameron putter…I was just intrigued by them for the longest time, and luckily…it was a good match.

Think about it..we all spend hundreds of bucks on the newest, baddest driver on the market, and we used it a dozen or so times per round…but the idea of spending $300 on a putter seems crazy, even though you’ll use your putter 30+ times a round. Ok, so maybe this is how I justify buying an expensive putter, but hey, whatever makes you sleep better right?

So what did I pay for this toy..well this Scotty Cameron putter cost half of a brand new one. It probably didn’t hurt that I’m left handed, and the market for used left-handed Scotty Cameron putters is not as good a right handed models, but I paid about $150 for it, in perfect condition.

When you look at this club, it’s easy to think that it’s just another replica of a Ping Anser style putter, and actually I was putting with an Anser 4, that was the identical shape of this Scotty Cameron putter…but what makes this Cameron so much better…I have to believe it’s the materials and the construction. The milled face is so much sweeter than any Ping putter I’ve used. It’s amazingly balanced and just fits my eye. I put an inch extension in the shaft and re-gripped it with one of the thicker Scotty Cameron grips…I have big hands so it’s nice to have a bigger grip.

There are some really funky SC putters available, but I still prefer the more traditional shapes. I like to think that Tiger uses his Scotty because he heard how much success I had with mine…(riiiiiiiight!)

If you have a putter you love, then you know what I’m talking about here. It’s just something that you can’t explain, but it works. I never used to trust my putting, but I feel like I can make putts from all over the place with this one, and it’s great to have that confidence. If you get a chance, try out a Scotty Cameron. They can be difficult to find in golf stores, but I think once you get to demo one, you’ll be hooked…Then jump on Ebay and try to get yourself a good deal. 🙂

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