Southern California Wildfires…Please be safe!

Well things here in Southern California are pretty crazy at the moment. As I look out the window, the entire sky is just a foggy, haze of smoke and ash. The sun rising over the east is a red glowing ball from all of the particulate in the air and being outside is probably the worst place you could possibly be, due to the hazard of breathing. Needless to say, there’s not much golf going on around So. Cal at the moment, as it’s not a healthy idea to be out in that stuff. Our location hasn’t been evacuated, but homes as close as 5 miles away have, so we’re hoping that our luck will remain in tact.

We at Tour Golf Blog are thinking of everyone in the Southern California area, and hoping that the firefighters, who are doing an amazingly difficult task, will get this nightmare under control soon, so everyone can return to their homes and survey any damage.

The evacuee shelters in San Diego County could use supplies and any help you can give. Please visit the link below to see what you can do to assist…anything is really appreciated as there are people who may have lost their homes and others battling the blazes who need food and water. Any thing you can do is a huge help. Thanks for your support.

San Diego Wildfire Red Cross Help.

If you’re a So. Cal resident, the local radio station FM 94.9 has setup a web page with information you will need.

FM 94.9 Wildfire Resources Page

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