Who’s the Sexiest Woman on the LPGA??

As you all know, we like to keep the Tour Golf Blog “family friendly”, but once and a while we just have to push the limit a little bit. We want to find out “Who is the Sexiest LPGA player on tour”? There are some great looking ladies out there these days, and the LPGA of today sure ain’t the LPGA of the 1970’s….or the 1980’s for that matter.. So take a look at our selections and let us know who you want to vote for….We’ll tally the votes and see who is “The Sexiest Woman on the LPGA Tour”?

Ok, we know this isn’t as much fun as a “Sexiest NFL Cheerleader” poll…but we do golf here…Sorry! Now vote for one of these ladies.

Anna Rawson

Sophie Sandolo

Carin Koch

Natalie Gulbis

Paula Creamer

Christie Kerr

Grace Park

Michelle Wie

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