Club Car Golf Carts…some of the nicest carts around.

Now here’s something you don’t think about much…..Golf Carts. I was playing at my friends club last week, and they had just received their brand spankin’ new Club Car Golf Carts…about 100 of them, and I got to thinking…how much does a nice golf cart influence the enjoyment of your round of golf? My club has decent Club Car golf carts also, but not nearly as nice as the carts my friends club just spent a fortune on. I mean these things are plush…fabric bucket seats, a quick release latch cooler system, requisite ball / club washer, GPS, the whole 9 yards. Don’t get me wrong, my club isn’t shabby, but they must have spent a fortune on these Club Cars, and their old carts weren’t in bad shape.

As we played that day, I felt like I was riding around in my wife’s sport utility vehicle. Not only were these Club Car golf carts much more comfortable to sit in, but they hauled some serious…we’ll you know!

Something about golf carts is just plain cool. As a kid, if you were lucky enough to get to ride along on the course with your dad, the only thing you had on your mind was “Do I get to drive the golf cart daddy?” And be honest, we’ve all done a few burn out, skid out, spinners on wet grass maneuvers before….right??? Heck, I’ve jumped golf carts farther than I used to jump my BMX bike as a kid…and we won’t even get into that one incident where the lake was involved.

My point is….well, I guess I have no point, but I was so impress with my friends new golf carts that I just had to talk about it. If you have any cool golf cart experiences, please feel free to comment. In the meantime, I’m going to back to my buddy’s course and ride around in his exotic Club Car golf carts for a while. Happy golfing.

Here’s a fine example of how much fun you can have.

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