Why you should invest in a golf travel case to protect your golf clubs!

If you’re thinking about taking a golf vacation, or just bringing your clubs along on your next business trip, one of the best investments you can make is a Golf Travel Case. These cases come in two basic styles, the hard, molded plastic shell case, and the soft, padded case. A hard or soft shell case can save your expensive set of clubs from the rigors of air travel, and baggage handlers as well.

I’ve traveled with golf clubs in a hard travel case dozens of times, and I have yet to ever have clubs damaged in any way, but a soft, padded case will offer very good protection as well, for considerably less out of pocket expense.

Generally, you can expect to spend in the $100 range for a high quality, soft, padded golf travel case. Often these will feature wheels, a carrying strap, and outer zipper pockets for additional storage. It’s much easier to fit your golf bag into a padded travel case because there is much more flexibility in the case material.

A hard case, on the other hand, offers maximum protection, but you are often limited to the size of bag you can fit. Larger hard cases are available for cart and staff sized bags, but they will be considerably more expensive than their smaller siblings which hold standard carry size bags. On average, a good quality hard travel case will cost from $150 to $200, but if you need the larger diameter case for your staff bag, you can spend upwards of $300-$400.

No matter what size golf bag you own, if you’re planning on flying with your golf clubs, investing in a travel case will ultimately save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in club repair or replacement. Protect those expensive irons and woods and you’ll be ready to hit the course the minute you get off the plane. For more information, visit Golf Travel Cases.

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