Perfecting Your Golf Swing: Step By Step

Learning how to master your backswing can take years of skilled practice. Your goal is to get one fluid motion of grace and finesse. From the start of your backswing, through impact, to the follow through, it should be one fluid motion….

A. Why It Matters

The backswing is the initial movement of your golf club. It defines everything that follows. Therefore, it’s critical to get it right!

B. The Takeaway

Once you are set up and in position to prepare for your shot, begin the backswing by moving your club slowly backwards. Keep the clubhead as close to the ground as possible.

Don’t move the club too fast as this may create a steep swing plane which can reduce your power & accuracy. And, be sure that your left shoulder is slightly higher than your right one (assuming you are right-handed). Your shoulders, arms, and hips should all move together in one fluid motion.

Golf players that concentrate just on their arms & hands have a tough time learning how to hit with power consistently.

You must learn to coordinate all of your body parts to move as one. The key is not to think too much…and that’s tougher than you might think!

Simply turn & feel your arms, shoulders, and upper legs all moving together in synchronicity. Just go with the flow….

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