The Delicate Balance…..

The Delicate Balance….

A. The Quest

Everyone who starts playing golf eventually realizes that the swing is “where it’s at.” Those who have refined their swings are the ones who often end up with the best scores. It’s not rocket science. It’s like anything else: hard work & practice will rule the day every time.

In order to make every swing count, you need to combine various elements of skill & concentration. When combined, a graceful swing drives the ball with the perfect amount of loft & distance it needs to reach its target.

It should be one big fluid motion.

And, you should almost feel the ball, club, & body becoming one in the process.

B. A Touch Of Grace

Once you have initiated your swing & the club has started its descent toward the ball, it should be done as gracefully as possible.

Beginner golfers often whip their club as hard as they can during the beginning of their downswing. This will sometimes result in improper weight shifting & a misaligned contact with the ball. As a result, balance & power are sometimes lost.

Remember, great shots are made with precision & grace, not by raw force….

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