The Golf Season is Drawing to a Close…Sorry !

I’m not trying to make anyone cry here or even rub it in, but unfortunately the golf season is coming to an end for 2008. I’m not just talking about the fact that those of you who live in the “colder” states are not going to be able to get out and play soon due to weather and climate, but the FedEx Championship is getting closer, which means no more decent golf on least until the Champions Skins Game airs (that was a joke).

Being on the West Coast, I don’t have to worry about putting the clubs away, but the afternoon daylight is starting to fade and getting home from work in time to squeeze in 9 holes is a distant memory. It seems like the long summer days go by quicker every year. Soon the mornings are going to be cold, and finding the motivation to hit the course early in the AM hours will be a challenge. I know what you’re probably thinking, that “I have 3 feet of snow on the ground, won’t see green grass for 5 months, and this guy is bitching about cold, sunny days on the course.” Ok, I guess us West Coasters don’t have it so bad..but it’s all relative. So if you can’t play golf for 5 months or more, what the heck do you do with yourself that keeps your golf juices flowing? Do you Minnesota golfers have indoor driving ranges, do you fly south for the winter months? Or do you just play Tiger Woods 2008 for the winter? You’re all welcome to come to California for some winter golf.