Padraig Harrington Uses New Secret Golf Technology in 2008 Ryder Cup.

While the European Ryder Cup team got off to a slow start during the Thursday & Friday matches, Padraig Harrington (Paddy to his close pals), decided to break out the Euro secret weapon…The X-Ray Golf Monocle. He had the monocle (which is disguised as an ordinary golf ball) surgically implanted into his left eye socket early Friday morning. Not only will he be able to more accurately read greens and play difficult bunker shots, but he’ll have the added advantage of being able to see through the blouses of all the attractive lady Ryder Cup fans.

This new technological breakthrough was obviously designed specifically for Ryder Cup play by “Q” of the British Secret Service’s R&D department. I’m sure the US Team will be keeping a close eye on this.

Due out next year are the “X-Ray Golf Glasses”. Paddy can be seen wearing the prototype for those glasses in the photo below. The shades will reportedly sell for approximately 350 Euros and will be available in various colors and lens configurations.