Public Golf Courses – The Drama Continues

by PAPLAYA.. Full story can be found at the Golf Rewound Forums

About a month ago there was a Saturday tournament up at my club and I missed the sign-up deadline. The event was already full. So that Saturday was initially set aside for me to sleep in and get a couple things done around the house.

But I woke up early anyhow, and as I sat on my back porch reading the paper and drinking my coffee, I thought about how we were on the downward spiral here for the golf season. The weather was absolutely perfect, nice and unseasonably cool…. and I couldn’t bear staying at home and missing out on a beautiful day to play, especially knowing that in less than 90 days — my golf season would essentially be over.

So I decided at that very moment that I was gonna get dressed and find a place to play. And the local muni (which is a decent layout, reasonably maintained, reasonably priced) would more than meet my spur-of-the-moment needs. I called and they set me up with a group going out later on that morning.

I get to the range about an hour before the starting time. And after about 30 minutes into my range session, three younger guys show up at the practice tee. All three guys are wearing tank tops, swimming shorts, and sandals. And I noticed on the tag on the bag that they were all sharing a rental set from the shop, albeit a nice rental set. TM Burner driver and woods, Cally irons, a nice complete set. Definitely the nicest rental set I’ve ever seen at a public muni, I’ve played several upscale courses that didn’t have rentals that new or that nice.

When I’m at the practice tee, I make every effort to block everything out going on around me. But I couldn’t that morning, as they were only 2 bays over from me. Within 10 minutes of those guys showing up, one had already snapped the shaft of the driver, and ran about 50 yards down range to retrieve the remnants of the splintered shaft and head… and the other two guys were going to work on the remaining fairway woods. You could tell that none of them had ever played before, and I was nearly killed with a ball that one of them had managed to hit on the smallest corner on the toe of the club. It missed me by no more than 2 feet. They never even noticed.

So I moved down to the other end of the range and finished my bucket of balls. And my only hope was that these guys were not playing ahead of me on the course…..