Big Break X Michigan Week 4

Week 4 of BB Michigan has come and gone, and the show is one team lighter, literally and figuratively.   We finally got to see the infamous “Glass Breaking” challenge that we’ve all come to love.  Only a couple teams failed to break their glass, and the most impressive shot was from Robby (of the Robby & Amber team).  He put a stinger right through the glass on the first attempt, almost destroying the rear mounted camera in the process.  The glass break challenge was the second of three challenges the competitors had to face in order to get immunity from the elimination challenge.  Robby & Amber won immunity + $10,000 from Waste Management.  Nice little bonus for the effort.

In the end, the long drive jocks, David & Sally, had the lowest point total in the challenge, and they were allowed to drag another team into the elimination challenge.  Otis & Rachel were the chosen ones.  The elimination challenge was to be a two hole match, a Par 3 and Par 4.  The ladies play the 3, guys play the 4.  Stroke play, lowest team stroke total wins.

“We hit it hard, that’s what we do” David started out the elimination challenge by insulting Rachel’s game before the Par 3.  Rachel hit one stiff, basically telling David to shove it.  She squeaked out a par, while Sally could only manage a bogey.  On the second and final hole of the elimination, David pars, while Otis manages to 3 putt after getting on in two.  Teams tied at 8 strokes each…PLAYOFF TIME.

The playoff went back to the par 4.  Alternate shot format this time.  Guys hit decent drives.  Ladies hit approaches on the green.  Otis has about a 20 footer for birdie, leaves it 5 feet short (again).  David misses his 7 footer for birdie, taps in for par.  Rachel has a 5 footer to tie……….and misses.  Otis & Rachel loose by one shot and are eliminated.   Both of those teams are the weakest on the show.  David & Sally have hit more shanks in 4 shows than all of the previous BB’s combined.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them taking the walk next week.  That would be fine by me…David’s mouth is starting to wear on everyone’s nerves anyway.