– Take a Flight Over Your Favorite Golf Course

This is one of the coolest golf websites I’ve run across in recent memory. takes you on a Google Earth powered flyover of any golf course listed in their database.  According to the tagline, they’re dedicated to mapping every hole of every golf course on the planet.  Sounds like a big job to me, but I’m rooting for them.

Type in the state or zip code of the course you want to fly over and it will bring up all the courses in that area.  Find your course, click the big red “Flyover” button and away you go.

You’ll be taken to a new window where you may have to install the Google Earth plug-in for your browser.   Once the plug-in is installed, refresh your browser and you’re course should appear.  You can do hole by hole fly overs and get down to some pretty clear detail.   Check out the 12th at Augusta in the screen shot below.

12th August National
12th Augusta National

I could spend hours flying over all of the courses I’ve ever played…so be careful, can get addicting


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