How to Play The Infamous “Fried Egg” Bunker Shot

Let’s face it, there isn’t one golfer alive who would look at a “fried egg” lie in a bunker and say “I’ve got this shot”.  It’s one of the scariest shots you’ll ever have to hit, especially if you have a short sided green, or if there’s trouble behind it.  You’ll generally end up with this lie when the bunkers are full of nice, light, fluffy sand, and while digging yourself out is a challenge, it’s not impossible.  Read on for a few tips to help you escape this situation next time you’re faced with a burried fried egg lie.

When the ball is buried, you simply have to “dig” it out and accept the fact that just getting it on the putting surface is your main objective . Do not set up to the ball with the clubface open as you normally would in the bunker.  This shot requires you to set up to the golf ball with the clubface in a square (or even slightly closed) condition virtually eliminates any skidding or bouncing of the clubhead through the sand. The leading edge of the clubhead will be what digs you out.   Play the ball in the middle of your stance and pick a spot within an inch behind the ball.  Take a normal swing and hit that spot.

If you remember one thing from here in it’s this..DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH ON THIS SHOT! Forward momentum may move the clubhead past impact, but your goal is to simply try and leave the clubhead in the sand.  The force of the clubhead entering the sand will create an “blast” and pop the golf ball up into the air and out onto the green.

When the ball does land on the green, it will not have any backspin, so try to allow for a considerable amount of rollout.  Once again, just getting this ball on the green is a victory.   If you get it close even better, but at least you got it out and have a chance to save par.  Good luck.

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