The New Nike VR Irons..Very Nice

Nike has announced the release of their new VR (Victory Red) series of irons, which are supposed to be debuted on Oct.15th, 2008. From the limited information I could dig up, it appears that they will have 3 trim levels for the VR irons. As you can see below, the blades will feature the TW logo, except for tour players who will have their own monogram on their sets.

Nike VR TW Forged Men’s Iron Set

Nike VR Forged Split Cavity Men’s Iron Set

At first look, I’d have to say that the blades and cavity back irons are merely just a “face lift” model. The blades are strikingly similar to the current shape and design that Tiger is currently using, and the cavity back’s look very much like the Pro Combo Tour cavity back design, from a few years ago. The game improvement iron is obviously just a more forgiving version of the middle design, catering to the higher handicap players. This lineup is very similar to Titleists 3 model “Z” series which came out earlier this year. As for Pricing??? Who knows at this point. The blades are sure to go for the $999.00 number that they usually sell at. And the other two models will more than likely be in the $700-$800 range. I’m sure that there will be accurate pricing and availability mid October. This is all I’ve got for now.

5 Responses to “The New Nike VR Irons..Very Nice”

  1. Ares says:

    I love these irons! However, I still can’t decide between these and the Titleist AP models. I will probably go with the Titleist over these Nike irons simply based on the way they look.

  2. Great review. I have hit these irons and really like the blade feel of the VR TW. It gives you instant feedback on miss hits and the ball just melts on the club face when you hit it solid. Check out my website for every thing About Junior Golf. I am focusing on helping parents and junior acquire a golf scholarship.

  3. Caddy says:

    I’ve always been told that Nike clubs are inferior and only players like Tiger can really make good use of them. They look good though- I must give them a try.

    • Christian says:

      I don’t know. I’ve been playing Nike irons now for a couple years, and while I’m no TW, I make pretty good use out of them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I won’t change to another brand, but I think Nike products are pretty darn good quality.

  4. Sequin Caps says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been playing NIKE irons and Titleist irons for about a year. Whichever ones a feel like playing that day are the club a take. After doing this for about 7 months or so, I started taking a couple of the NIKE short irons and putting them in the Titleist bag. I talked with some friends who also say that the NIKE short irons seem to be a better hit. So I didn’t feel like I was nuts or anthing. So what I ended up doing is keeping the NIKE 8 and 9, and incorporating them with my Titleist clubs. Anybody have similar stories?