The Big Break X Michigan… Week 2 Thoughts

Well I figured I’d wait until at least the second show aired before I rip into another season Big Break on The Golf Channel.  There’s a completely new format for the BB X.  Teams consisting of one guy and one girl will be competing for their chance to play on the PGA & LPGA Tour in select events. Teams are made up of several types of guy/girl relationships from husband/wife, and unmarried couple and a several twosomes that are just friend.

I have to say I’m happy that we’re not watching a bunch of failed tour pro’s trying to get back to the big time via The Big Break.  I’ve never agreed with TGC’s plan of giving golfers who were already on the tour at some point, another chance to get back there.  I want to see complete amateur nobody’s working their butts of to get a chance to play with the pro’s.

However, I’m not sure that the new format is going to be enough to make me look away from the already poor quality of play we’ve seen in the first two shows.   I know, it’s early and people are still nervous, but c’mon.   When was the last time you saw a full out shank on the BB?  Well you could have seen one if you tuned in last week.  If TGC can’t get golfers any better than this, this show is destined to fail.

Golf is an individual sport.  These teams winning and losing together makes no sense to me.  So if one team member isn’t pulling their weight, and the team gets eliminated, but the other person played their ass off, how can you punish the good golfer for the other’s poor play?  Golf and team don’t go together in my mind (Ryder & President’s cup withstanding).  While I applaud the Golf Channel for trying something new, I’m not so sure the “team” concept is the way to go with a sport like golf.

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