The Titleist X81 Lightweight Carry Bag

I hate riding in carts, and unless I’m absolutely not allowed to walk a course, you won’t find me riding…period.  I play better when I walk, I feel better after the round when I walk, unless the course is just a mountain goat’s wet dream, or it’s 125 degrees outside, I see no reason not to walk if you’re in the shape to do so.  Up until recently, I’ve been carrying a Nike Pro Combo Stand Bag, which has great storage, and weighs about 6 pounds.  Well, a lower back injury recently made me look for a more  light weight bag to help take some stress of my back when walking the course.  All I wanted was something to hold my clubs, half a dozen balls, tees and maybe a lightweight jacket if necessary.  I found, what is probably the best bag I’ve ever owned.  A Titleist X81 Sunday Carry bag.

It weighs only about 3 pounds unloaded, so I’ve shed 3 pounds of extra weight right there.  Believe me, 3 extra pounds on a bad back is like a TON!.  This bag has great storage for all the normal necessities, as well as a large side pocket for a jacket, snacks etc.  It has a great water bottle holder on the front too.  Overall I’m extatic with this bag.  Because of it’s small size, clubs often get bunched up a bit, but I can live with that for how lightweight it is.  Oh, and did I mention it has a stand too.  And it’s still 3 pounds.  The only downside is that this X81 model, however you can find the Titleist X80 Carry Bag which doesn’t have the stand, but is even less expensive than the X81. I can highly recommend either of these two bags if you’re looking for a high quality, inexpensive carry bag that gets the job done.

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