Week 3 Recap, The Big Break X Michigan

In case you missed last nights episode of the Big Break, here’s a very short recap.

The competitors got to hit over “The Wall” and only 2 teams even managed to keep in remotely close to the flagstick.  Unfortunately they were hitting from slightly farther back, so we didn’t get to see any balls banging off the wall this time.  That’s always my favorite part watching these “soon to be pro’s” who can’t hit a flop shot.  Overall there were some

Andrea & James (the Ex’s) were sent to the elimination challenge against Michael & Sherri.   Each team played the ball down from 3 different locations.   Whoever had the highest total after the 3 locations was going home.  Michael hit a couple excellent approach shots, his first glimmer of game so far.   In the end, Andrea & James needed to score a 2 from the final location and after James’ shot into the left greenside bunker (again) Andrea had to hole out to tie, which she was unable to do.
Andrea & James were the first team eliminated from the competition.  Stay tuned next week for the week 4 round up.