Five Aces in One Week….Yeah Right.

I ran across this article over at Fox Sports on MSN.  It seems so unbelievable I just had to share it.

Central Illinois amateur golfer Curt Hocker is on a roll. Five rolls, to be exact.

Ask anyone at the El Paso Golf Club, where the 22-year-old has recorded five holes-in-one in the last week, including two on Saturday.

In this year alone, Hocker has seven aces — five on par-4s — and two other double eagles.

I don’t know what to think,” said Hocker, who works in the club’s pro shop. “After each one I say it’s over, and it keeps happening.”

Friends and family, 15 of whom have witnessed Hocker’s strokes of luck while playing with him, are equally mystified.

“It’s incomprehensible this kind of luck could happen, but it does happen,” said El Paso pro Steve Fulton. “There are other things in life that have been just as weird and eerie that have happened. What are the odds?”

Hocker said he’s just glad his club membership comes with “hole-in-one insurance.”

That “insurance” means the club — not Hocker — has to honor the golf tradition of buying everyone in the clubhouse a drink after an ace is made.

“I think the golf course is getting mad at me for all the drinks,” Hocker said. “It’s hard to talk about, but it’s awesome to have it happen.”

First off…I’ve been playing 18 years without a hole in one…so getting 5 aces in a week just seems so unlikely.  How short are the courses this guy is playing if he has 5 aces on par 4’s?  And it doesn’t sound like he has one on a par 3.

How many hole’s in one have you had and what were the details..yardage, club, etc.?