Some Changes at Augusta National for 09 Masters

Augusta National will be shorter for the Masters next year — but only by 10 yards on the scorecard, with the option to trim off a few more yards depending on the weather.

Some have expressed criticism that a longer Augusta National has taken away some of the excitement, chairman Billy Payne announced Tuesday only minor changes to the home of the Masters.

The back of the first tee was moved forward seven yards, primarily to help the movement of the gallery between the tee and the putting green. The official scorecard was changed from 455 yards to 445 yards.  An additional 10 yards was added to the front of the tee on the 450-yard seventh hole, and nearly 10 yards were added to the front of the 530-yard 15th hole, although neither hole required a change in the official length.

According to Augusta National chairman Billy Payne, the minor changes in course length are to give the tournament more flexibility to move tees depending on weather conditions.

In other words, this is an exciting statement from Augusta National that they have, in fact, don’t nothing to change the course for the 2009 Masters, and they just wanted us all to be aware of it.  WOW..thanks for that.  Payne did say that the new practice facility was on schedule for use at the tournament this April.  I still believe the Augusta National of the 1980’s would still pose a huge challenge for most of today’s golfers.  Sure they hit it farther, but Augusta is about precision, not sheer power.

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