Tiger & Buick Have Filed for Divorce

After 9 years of marriage, Buick/General Motors & Tiger’s relationship is coming to an end.  Buick will get to keep 7 million dollars a year, and Tiger get’s to keep his LaSabre, LaCross, Rendezvous & cool staff bag with his name on it.  For the failing General Motors, 7 million dollars could be the difference between executives flying in private jets or flying coach.  Fortunately, Tiger’s lifestyle will not suffer and he will continue to fly in his G5 and sail his private yacht.

5 Responses to “Tiger & Buick Have Filed for Divorce”

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  2. jmsgolf says:

    Tiger and Buick never made sense anyway…

    Has anyone seen this site——TigerTempo.com —very interesting

  3. Christian says:

    Shouldn’t Tiger be pitching Ferrari’s or Bentley’s?

  4. I cannot believe that the recession would actually hit the best golfer in the world. Just goes to show that no one is an isolated village in the world today. So that means poor Tiger Woods is robbed of the ten million dollar annual contract but that is not the thing that surprises me. I was really shocked to read the stat that in the years that they have been associated buick has seen its sales fall by 54%. Wow, 54%! This, when the most phenomenal athlete in the world was their premier brand ambassador. Quite obviously the relationship had to end. Now if someone like Tiger Woods cannot help a product then you really wonder what can help them. Its not like it was an improbable combination. Golf does attract the kind of audience likely to be thinking about buying a new fancy car. So, it is hard to discern why this combination did not work.

    I wonder how much of General Motors decision had to do with the fact that Tiger has been out of action for quite a few months now and doesn’t look like coming back into the fold till the Masters. The guy after all had three wins, a second place finish and a fifth place finish this season and if his season had gone on that way would it have been possible for GM to sever the ties despite the fact that his presence had no positive effect on sales.

    Play well.


  5. golfer09 says:

    It’s a shame to see such a relationship end, but I guess that’s just the way life is. Nonetheless, I will continue to watch him compete in all the great golf tournaments regardless.