World Golf Tour – HD Quality Online Golf Game

I was recently contacted by the guys over at World Golf Tour about demoing and reviewing their new online golf game.  Let me start by saying I’ve played almost every golf video game that’s come down the line.  From the original “Golf” on the first generation Nintendo system, all the way through the Tiger Woods PGA Golf series, I like to consider myself somewhat of a Golf Video Game aficionado.  So needless to say I was excited to have a look at a golf game claiming to have HD quality graphics along with real-life courses.

As you can see from the screen shot above, the quality of the graphics lives up to the hype.  I played the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island and it looks just like the real thing.  The interface is fairly easy to use, so getting accustomed to swinging the club, hitting draws & fades does not take long to figure out.  WTG has all of the normal amenities that you would expect from a high end golf game.  Ability to adjust shot type, full bag selection, wind and weather readings all make it a very life-like golfing experience.

In the game, golfers can play multi-player or compete in sponsored tournaments for real prizes, however I did not have an opportunity to get that far into it just yet.

Overall, I’d say this is one of the most realistic golf simulators I’ve ever played.  The only drawback I could find was the speed of loading the game.  However, that is to be expected from an online based game, where the speed at which the game and graphics load really depends on the speed of your internet connection.  Once the game is up and running, there is no major lag or load time during game play.

This game is free to play without signing up for anything, but if you create a free account, you can customize your own character and play against other WGT members.  I highly suggest you head over to and play a few holes.

6 Responses to “World Golf Tour – HD Quality Online Golf Game”

  1. Golf Lover says:

    The graphics on this golf game looks amazing. I’m quite surprised that this game is free! Thanks!

  2. Christian says:

    Yeah I couldn’t believe how real the graphics are. It’s pretty obvious that they used real course photos and mapped them into the game. Very nice job if you ask me. Hopefully they’re working on more courses.

  3. Golfrookie says:

    The game looks great. Is there a german version available ?

  4. Christian says:

    Not sure about a German version. Try emailing them at

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  6. Cheymike says:

    Hey… whats your name on WGT? I have been playing it for a couple months now and am having a blast. Maybe we can get together sometime and have a round online. 🙂