President Elect Obama’s Golf Swing

UPDATE:  Here’s some video of Obama’s swing.

President Elect Obama spent the past week in Hawaii for the Christmas holiday bodysurfing and playing a little golf and the press got a few photos of him during a warm up session on the driving range.  So how does President Obama’s swing look…see for yourself.


As a fellow lefty, I’m proud that my President hits the ball from the wrong side as well.  First thing that is easily noticeable in the first shot is that his takeaway and backswing are very athletic.  Look at the full shoulder turn and how well the club is on plane.  Although we don’t get to see the downswing or impact, Mr. Obama is set up perfectly for a nice inside to out swing.

Unfortunately, the second photo shows that he doesn’t appear to get a firing of the hips, and his weight is hanging back on his left foot.  This probably means that a big ol slice is on the way, but once again it’s difficult to tell from the photos.  The great spine angle that he had going in the first frame has been lost as he came through the ball.  Chances are his ball striking is so so at best.

The final photo in the sequence shows a pretty good follow through.  His hips are pointing toward the target and his weight has fully shifted to the front foot.  The president should practice with a tennis ball under his left foot to help him work on shifting the weight to the front foot through the ball and hopefully help get the hips out of the way.

Overall, Pres. Obama is very athletic.  He’s probably a hacker, but it’s great to see him out there banging the ball around having a good time.  It’s about time we get a President that can play some golf.  I don’t trust any politician that doesn’t play golf…Actually I don’t trust the one’s that do either.

2 Responses to “President Elect Obama’s Golf Swing”

  1. adrian smits says:

    As I understand it the current leader of the house of representatives is a single digit handicap.Initials J B .

  2. Mleopold says:

    Maybe Obama should be spending more time learning how to be the President, and less time playing golf. He’ll have plenty of time to play after the next election.