The new Women’s RE/MAX World Long Drive Champ…was a MAN!

Long Drive Dude...etteLong Drive Dude…ette

Yes that’s right.. Lana Lawless the new U.S Womens long drive champ is was a man..we’ll she’s actually a 55 year old bartender, who used to be a 245 pound SWAT police officer, who used to be a man.

Although golf is a sport largely without controversy, the reign of long-drive queen Lana Lawless, who lives in Palm Springs, Calif., is expected to be neither tranquil nor uneventful.

For 21 years, the big, burly cop played golf at a private club, got down to a plus-1 handicap and even won the club championship. But, after gender-reassignment surgery in Trinidad, Colo., there was no golf in her life and no old friends, either.   read more at Fox Sports.

2 Responses to “The new Women’s RE/MAX World Long Drive Champ…was a MAN!”

  1. That’s unreal. Wonder if he is going to try out for the LPGA.

  2. Christian says:

    Yeah not sure about that. I’d say there are some drugs or hormones in that woman’s system that probably don’t go along with the new PGA drug testing policy.