is Probably the Best Golf Resource On the Web!

Let me first say that I’ve been subscribing to the big 3 golf magazines since I was a teenager.   Well before the internet came around, and even before The Golf Channel was created.  And while I still have a couple of my magazine subscriptions, if I need any golf news, scores or golf information whatsoever, the only website I will visit is   Now I know this sounds like a shameless plug, but I have to admit that sometimes trying to find new, golf related topics, to write about here on TGB can be difficult, especially during the doldrums of winter when there are no PGA events taking place. Luckily, when I’m struggling to find something new to discuss, always has a new golf instruction video or reviews of the top golf courses that just beg for a little extra promotion.   As always, I am happy to put my spin on things, and, from time to time, bring you some golf news that might not have heard about.

I’m still hoping that one day the powers that be over at TGC will let me write a guest article.  Maybe a golf equipment review or let me interview a PGA Tour pro for their site.  While I’d be willing to be that happens when a cold front moves through Hades, I promise to keep providing you with fun, informative, and sometimes ridiculous golf related information.  And by all means, if you can’t find something here on the Tour Golf Blog, be sure to pop over to and get all the latest golf photos, Golf Channel show times, tips and so much more.

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