While Tiger’s Away, the Caddies Will Play…


Could we please get Tiger back on the course sometime soon..that way the caddies will take a step out of the spotlight for a minute. That’s right, Steve Williams, Tiger’s bag man, called Phil Mickelson a “prick” when speaking to a handful of reporters the other day.  Steve says it’s “no secret” the two leading golfers in the world “don’t get along.” Apparently Steve figured all this out during the 2004 Ryder Cup matches..so it’s strange that this revelation is finally coming to light.  While I like the idea of these big time rivalries, it’s not necessarily the job of their caddies to fuel the fire. Then again, while the PGA Tour won’t officially admit it, they’re probably overjoyed that they’re getting some hype again. Heck, even bad publicity can be good publicity from time to time. More on this story if anything else comes of it.  Oh, Phil’s camp has said that in times like these, they are glad to have a class act like ‘Bones’ on the bag.  Remember Fluff, Tigers previous caddie?  TW fired him for being too much in the spotlight.  Sounds like Williams better mind his P’s & Q’s if he wants to keep in the lifestyle he’s become accustomed too.