Annika Gets Married..Congrats


Sorry guys, you blew your chance to snag a rich LPGA Champion.  Annika Sorenstam and Mike McGee were married Saturday at Lake Nona Golf  & Country club , four weeks after the Swedish golf star ended her Hall of Fame career.   Congrats to Mike and Annika.


One Reply to “Annika Gets Married..Congrats”
  • John Weiss
    May 25, 2009 at 10:53 am

    This woman has a really good perspective on life. She stopped competing on LPGA at the perfect time. Nobody except maybe Tiger can stay that hungry and competitive after you have already won all that can be won plus having all the money she will ever need for the rest of her life.
    She now plans to have a family and enter the business world where she will undoubtedly excel. She will do all this at her own pace with no pressures.
    What a wonderful life!

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