Looks Like We’ll See Phil at the FBR


It’s been reported that Phil has committed to play in the FBR Open this week at TPC Scottsdale, which would mark his 20th appearance in the event.   This will only be the second time that Mickelson has made the FBR his season debut.  It will be fun to see what kind of shape Phil will be in.  I’ll bet he was hitting the gym hard in the off season and he’s going to be completely ripped from head to toe.  [Sarcasm…no charge]

2 Responses to “Looks Like We’ll See Phil at the FBR”

  1. LoveTheGreen says:

    Hi, Glad to see golfers commenting here. Can anyone give me some sort of link or resource for success in quick short games? I’m interested in audio-visual contents.


  2. Christian says:

    Thanks for the comment LoveTheGreen.

    Check out this section of Golf.com. It’s the Dave Pelz vault, and he is THE man on short game.