The Driver is the Most Important Club In my Bag!

Yeah I know I’m going to take some flack for this, but I will stand behind this statement and say that my driver is even more important than my putter. If I’m not hitting my driver well, the rest of my game suffers instantly. For me, hitting fairways is equally, if not more important than hitting greens. My rationale for this is that you have to hit the fairway to give yourself a chance at hitting the green. Sounds like a simple theory, and it is.

I’m not talking about bombing drives and the “drive for show, putt for dough” BS. I need to be hitting my driver well to give myself a real shot at shooting good scores. I can scramble with the best of them, but I’d rather not. Any golfer (besides the absolute beginner)can putt with some level of proficiency, but if you don’t set yourself up off the tee to get on the dance floor, and you’re hitting from the rough, trees or from the tee again because you banged one OB, then how can you possibly expect to score.

I’m not advising anyone to neglect the rest of their game. I still dedicate 75% of my practice time to shots 70 yards and less. You won’t find me out banging buckets of drivers until I can’t hold my arms up. But I do take my driver very seriously, as it’s the backbone of my game.  Everyone should be skilled with every club in the bag, don’t get me wrong.  I still believe that every golfer should find one club you can hit off the tee, be it a driver, 3 wood, hybrid or other, and make darn sure it’s the one club in your bag you don’t have to think about.  If it means putting a little more time in to get consistent, and you take some focus away from your short game for a while, so be it.  Hit fairways and the rest will start to fall into place.   Am I wrong? Any thoughts?

3 Responses to “The Driver is the Most Important Club In my Bag!”

  1. Puttistry says:

    […] The Driver is the Most Important Club In my Bag! Puttistry, respectfully, disagrees. […]

  2. It’s all about confidence. Being able to get off the tee well starts the hole off on a positive note and your frame of mind is different and optimistic. I’d have to agree with you to a certain extent that the driver is the most important club in your bag.

  3. Christian says:

    Yeah Clayton, I agree. I already took some guff for that post, but I knew it was coming. Confidence is the key. It’s difficult to score well if you’re playing from the trees & rough because of poor tee shots.