Tomahawx™ Golf Tee Review

tmhx_logo_trans4whiteI was recently contacted by Mark Schneider at Tomahawx™ Golf Tees about testing out his innovative new golf tee design and doing a review here on the blog.  I gladly agreed and Mark sent me out some tees in a few different sizes.  I have to say that I’m fairly traditional when it comes to golf equipment.  I like white, wooden tees, traditional style golf shoes and simple forged blades.  The Tomahawx tees are far from traditional, but I kept an open mind and threw them in my bag for my next practice session.  Here’s a little of the background information on these tees, directly from the company.

The Tomahawx™ Golf Tee is a “revolutionary” patent-pending low-ground resistance-free golf tee.
It is specifically engineered as a uni-body single component design offering the high performance
characteristics today’s golfer demand. Made of high-impact polycarbonate and guaranteed unbreakable!

Tomahawx™ takes an innovative approach to the “point” of the tee. Utilizing a quarter-round tapered
knife-edge which allows typical vertical insertion but allows the tee to rotate forward horizontally
resistance-free upon impact. With it’s depth control flange. Tomahawx™ sets at a consistent height
to ensure consistent results. And the retail version conforms to USGA Rules of Golf.  Tomahawx™ Golf Tees are available at pro shops, green grass retailers, sporting goods retailers and at additionally can be imprinted with with YOUR corporate message, logo, or website address.

bigteeand4packThe main thing to remember with these tees is that they need to be put in the ground with the opening facing out.  If you put them in backwards, they instantly become the most resistant tee on the face of the planet and I don’t think that’s what they were intended to do.  After that lesson, I hit lots of drives with the various tee lengths and found a couple that were heights I was comfortable using.  I have to say that the Tomahawx tee is nearly indestructible and has very little resistance, as the company touts.  In fact, these tees will usually end up about 10 yards down range if you put a good swing on the ball.  That’s how little resistance they actually have as you impact the ball.   You may have to take a second to find them after your tee shot, but believe me, it will be intact.  Most of the plastic tees from the past never lasted more than one or two tee shots before contorting or snapping.  The Tomahawx tees seem to take a good beating.

Will these tees add an extra 20 yards to your drives?  Probably not, but that’s not what they’re intended to do.  This tee will not catch your driver head as you come through the impact zone, the physics of it’s design make it impossible.  Overall I like the design and the idea.  I enjoyed not having to carry around several tees in my pocket, or replace them after each tee shot.  Keep one Tomahawx in your pocket and it will last many rounds.  I’ve still yet to break one, and I’ve let friends use them too..none of which have broken either.

Take a look at the site at and try them out for yourself.  You can even get them imprinted with company logos.  Thanks to Mark for sending out the samples.  Keep up the great work.

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