Charley Hoffman – The Man, The Myth, The Mullet?

charliehoffmanmulletOk, I understand that everyone has their own style, but c’mon.  There are just some things that weren’t meant for the golfing world.  Charles Barkley, John Daly shirtless & Charley Hoffman’s mullet, to name just a few.  Maybe I’m wrong here.  Is the mullet a look that golfers need to embrace, or does someone need to sneak up behind him with some clippers and zip that thing right off his neck?

Cast your vote below and we’ll find out.

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One Response to “Charley Hoffman – The Man, The Myth, The Mullet?”

  1. Christian says:

    Well it’s not a landslide…but it looks like the mullet has to go. I’ll call Charley’s people and see if we can get that handled.