Phil Mickelson’s Man Boobs…Gone for Good?

Be honest, you’ve been making fun of Phil’s man boobs for years now…right?  I mean c’mon, those things were getting bigger by the month there for a long time.  But if you’ve watched any of the recent tournaments, you had to have noticed that Lefty is not quite as chesty as in recent years.  Apparently Phil’s been hitting the gym and watching the ol diet, and those man boobs are all but a thing of the past.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself. There’s way less ‘boobage’ in the lower photo.

My hat’s off to Phil for hitting the weights and getting into better shape.   Now if someone could only make him ditch those ultra tight shirts and white belt, he’d be all set.

2008 Phil

2008 Phil

2009 Phil

2009 Phil

5 Responses to “Phil Mickelson’s Man Boobs…Gone for Good?”

  1. gardendiva says:

    I agree. The moobs are shrinking, but the white belt really only works with about a 32″ waist max. A haircut would serve him well too. But I like him anyway.

  2. golffan2222 says:

    I think he had breast reduction surgery.

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  4. michael says:

    No matter how much you workout, those things will not just dissapear, he had to have reduction surgery

  5. D Walker says:

    two words, man spanx!