The TaylorMade r9 Driver

taylormade-r9-driverIf you’ve been reading any of the golf magazines, then this probably isn’t breaking news, but if you have been living under a rock, the new r9 driver & fairway woods by TaylorMade are due out in a couple months.  This recent photo was posted on, but I figured many of you hadn’t seen a good image of it yet.  Here’s what TM has to say about the new r9 technology.

Using a wrench, golfers can remove the head of the R9 and R9 TP and then re-attach it in one of eight different positions. Each of the head positions offers a different effective loft, lie angle and face angle—ranging from 2° open to 2° closed. In combination with the positioning of three adjustable weight plugs (one 16-gram and two 1-gram), TaylorMade says golfers can dramatically adjust their ball flight.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the other manufacturers develop a similar ‘head removal’ system in the near future. Being able to quickly change shafts when necessary as well as vary the head positions seems much more beneficial to golfers.  Now that the “square head” revolution has fizzled out, I guess this is the next fad we’ll have to deal with for a while.  Personally, I think this is a cool system that actually shows some merit.  We’ll see how many month salary it will take to obtain one of these TaylorMade beauties.

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