Tiger Woods is out of match play…get over it!

tiger-woods-picture-2Ok… so Tiger was knocked out by a 4&2 victory from Tim Clark on Thursday.  What’s the big deal?  Sure TW was the over-hyped favorite to win, and everyone is disappointed that he won’t be around for the weekend matches, but what people are forgetting is that it’s match play.

Tiger did not play poorly on Thursday, and Tim Clark played extremely well.   He just got behind a couple of holes and couldn’t get it back to square.  In reality, if it was a normal stroke play tournament, he’d likely be a couple shots back of the leader, looking to make a push on the weekend.   The next tourney Woods plays will be a normal stroke play event, and he’ll most likely be right in the mix, as he usually is.

I, for one, and giving Tiger a pass on this loss, as it’s not a reflection at all on the state of his knee or his golf game.  The golfing world is bummed that there’s no “Tiger Hype” to talk about for the next few days, but there’s still some decent golf left to be played in this tournament, so get over it already.