Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

dave pelz's short game bibleI was sitting around last evening and I noticed my copy of  Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible sitting on the book shelf and I started flipping through it again, even though I’d been through it once before.  I’m still amazed at how good of a book this is for EVERY SINGLE GOLFER ON THE PLANET!  I’m a 5 handicap, and I learned like 3 or 4 new things I want to try next time I practice.   Some of my buddies who are 20+ handicappers could probably get into the low teens if they would just read this book instead of  endlessly banging balls on the range with their drivers.  Dave Pelz is the absolute best short game teacher in the game.  Just look at how good Phil Mickelson’s short game is.  Mind you, he had a pretty good 100 yard and in game prior to hooking up with Pelz a few years ago, but Phil is magical around the greens.

Dave P’s book covers every possible short game situation, from 100 yard wedge shots, to flop shots, and every technique and thought you need to pull these shots off.  If you ever want to buy ONE golf book, this is the one to get.  It will give you so many great things to practice and you will save strokes the next time you play.  You should really check it out because it will change your short game and you won’t believe how many shots you were giving away around the greens.

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible


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