The Most Shameless Life Insurance Advertisement Ever

Non golf related post here, but I just had to show this ad I found on a popular news website which will remain nameless, but sounds similar to “Sea Hen Hen”.

What blew me away was how this life insurance company so shamelessly plays on our emotions with the little boy crying, presumably, at his father’s grave site.   The quote “for the one’s you leave behind” leading us to draw the conclusion that this little boy’s dad probably didn’t have any life insurance, and that his dad wasn’t a good father because he left his family without any money.  Maybe his parents couldn’t afford the premiums for life insurance.  Or maybe his dad had a pre-existing condition that made him ineligible for any type of life insurance.  We’ll never know I guess.

Now I’m not naive.  I know how marketing works, but this just seemed in “semi” bad taste to me.  Heck, they probably get more click throughs on that ad the we would believe, but c’mon.   Show a headstone, show a graveyard,  heck show a casket if you want, but the little boy crying at his dad’s grave site is just a sad way to market your company.


One Response to “The Most Shameless Life Insurance Advertisement Ever”

  1. Tom Woods says:

    Welcome to the new world of foreign non-human beings inhabiting human bodies. They have no self respect, charcter, consideration or other human like qualities. They pray to green ink on paper – their little rotting god.