Why are so many pitch marks not repaired?

divot-main_fullIf you’ve been playing golf for longer than a week, you have surely been told that fixing your pitch marks on the green is an important part of keeping the greens in great shape, as well as courtesy to other golfers.  Hopefully you’ve been taught the proper way to repair them, and you’re not doing more damage than leaving un-repaired.  I try to fix my own plus at least one other mark on every green, but it seems there’s always an endless amount of pitch marks that go ignored.

Today I realized why so many scars are not fixed by the golfers who have inflicted the damage.  Now I don’t know exact stats, but I would say at least 50% to 60% of golfers ride carts during their round.  What this means is that when you ride up to the green and hop out to go to your ball, most of the time you are not walking up the front of the green.  Generally, the cart path will be on either side or even back of the green  In doing this, many times “cart riders” will not see the pitch mark made by their ball.  They simply go to to their ball, mark it, and go about their business waiting for their turn to 3 putt.

Golfers who walk the course, on the other hand, will almost always walk up to the green from the front, allowing them to notice the pitch mark left by their ball, and fix it on the way to mark their ball.

It sounds like a simple answer to the long asked question, “Why don’t people repair their darn pitch marks?”  Well it is THE exact reason…cart riders just don’t see the marks.

So the next time you’re on the course, and you’re riding in a cart, take an extra second to remember that if your ball actually landed on the green in the air, chances are there’s a big crater somewhere that you need to walk back to and fix.  Do this, and the green will stay in great shape, and the other golfers (and greenskeeper) will thank you.

If you want to see the proper way to repair a pitch mark…check out the video below.


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