Is Sergio Garcia intentionally a jerk…

…Or can he just not help it? With his latest criticism of Augusta National and The Masters, after his spectacular tie for 38th finish, I can’t help but feel that everything that comes out of this guys mouth is something negative.  So here’s the top “Sergio Garcia Blaming Everyone Else & Being a Jerk” moments.

1.  Golf is too Tricky – After shooting over par rounds on Saturday & Sunday to a dismal Tie for 38th finish at this years Masters , Sergio whined that the course is “too tricky” and not “fair”. Apparently, Garcia was complaining before he even got to Augusta, he complained during the tournament and he complained after, even trashing the Augusta National Club itself.  Guess what Sergio…it’s the Masters.  Its a Major Championship tournament.  It’s supposed to be tricky and difficult.

2.  Why Does the Open Hate Me? -Following a poor round in the 2007 Open Championship at Carnoustie, Sergio blamed bad luck and a slow-raking greenkeeper for his loss. The flagsticks were plotting against him and he felt he wasn’t treated well by other players.  He never took took a moment to realize that HE let a three-shot lead get away.

3.  Saliva – At the 2007 WGC-CA Championship at Doral Sergio found it necessary to relieve his mouth of excessive juice after a missed putt on the 13th, prompting him to spit in the cup.   The PGA had it’s standard “no comment” on the matter and I’m not sure Sergio ever apologized to anyone for the incident.  Remind me not to play in the group behind this idiot.

4.  Blame Tiger – On several occasions in the past, Sergio has made comments alluding to “If I was Tiger Woods, I would have gotten a free drop, or if I was Tiger Woods, I would have been allowed more time to look for my lost ball.  Once again, Sergio blaming everyone else but himself for his lack of results.

Barring his win at the Players in 2008, Sergio has yet to accomplish anything extraordinary in his 10+ years on tour.  Lack of solid putting and a poor attitude have haunted his game, and unless Garcia can find a way to start taking some responsibility for his own golf game, he’s destined to just be another player with all the potential and talent in the world, who just couldn’t get it done.

2 Responses to “Is Sergio Garcia intentionally a jerk…”

  1. Matthew says:

    Wow! What an idiot! Golf is supposed to be tough and hard. That’s how come he gets his $20,000,000 check. How can you whine about losing! It’s just a part of life. So stop being a baby and grow up for once!

  2. Stephen says:

    He does not think before he acts very often. But he does get some rotten luck. The putt he had to win The Open at Carnoustie had to be half an inch more to the right and he would have won. But I do agree thinks like saying Tiger gets special prefernce and spitting in the cup are not smart things to do.