The 2009 Masters..A disappointment?

13ataugustanationalWell this years Masters is officially over, and I’m left with mixed emotions.  In a way, I feel a bit cheated.  Not becasue we didn’t get to see Tiger and Phil at the top of the leaderboard at the end of Sunday.  Well I guess that may be part of it, but I’m mainly have mixed feelings because of the quality of play (or lack thereof) by the Sunday leaders during the final holes of regulation, and the playoff for that matter.

Let’s face it, Kenny Perry lost that tournament, plain and simple.  He had it in his clutches with the great birdie at 16, and then the pressure and emotion of the moment got the best of him with bogeys on the two finishing holes.  Then as daylight is fading, and the three way playoff begins, we see another hole of just lousy golf.  Can anyone tell me why these guys (Tiger & Phil included) were hitting driver on 18.  You hit a 3 wood and completely take the left hand bunker out of play and you have an extra club into the green.  Yet all of the problems we saw on the finishing hole yesterday were because of poor driving.  That still has me dumbfounded.

I have to give Cabrera some credit however.  After losing his drive into the trees on the first playoff hole, and the resulting ricochet off the pines back into the fairway, he kept his cool, knocked it stiff and made the putt.  That took some guts.  Can you imagine if Tiger was the one pulled off that shot?  People would be talking about it for years, but hey, it’s only Angel Cabrera.

While Angel seems like a nice enough guy, I just don’t think that most golf fans get on board with his winning majors.  Maybe it’s because we never hear a thing about the guy during the regular season.  He doesn’t speak any English, so interviews are slightly awkward and not terribly interesting.  He’s not the storybook Masters winner I think we were all hoping for.

With Tiger & Phil locked in a duel for the first 16 holes, it sure appeared that we would have a scripted ending to this years tournament.  Unfortunately Phil left about 4 strokes on the course which put an end to his fight to post a number the rest of the field would need to match.  Tiger started the day pretty far back, and just did get that push he needed early enough to be in contention at the end of the day.

I’m sure lots of viewers tuned out after the big two completed their rounds and were no longer a factor.  I watched the final holes of the tournament, but left feeling slightly cheated that all the hype of the day ended in a somewhat anti-climatic fashion.   So at the end of the day, Angel Cabrera took home the green jacket.  Congrats to him. Now when does the U.S. Open start?

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  1. Great story, I enjoyed it very much!