Amy Mickelson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

It’s just been confirmed that Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy has been diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a release from his publicist.

The diagnosis was determined after Mickelson, 37, underwent a extensive number of tests. More tests are scheduled but the treatment process is expected to begin with major surgery, possibly within the next two weeks.

We wish Amy a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with Phil and the family.

3 Responses to “Amy Mickelson Diagnosed with Breast Cancer”

  1. Joel Alper says:

    My daughter, 44 and a senior executive with one of the major regional banking companies, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery about a month ago. Chemo started this week.

    What has sustained her in this ordeal is the love and support of family, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues. We’ve also been able to connect her with family of friends who have gone through this process. Sharing is a great comfort, both for those entering the process, and also for those who have been through it.

    If there is a blog that anyone knows that Amy refers to, I would like ask my daughter to share her experiences with her. Amy will get through this with the support of her husband and family and friends. We wish her well.

    Concerned Dad

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks for the comment Joel. Very sorry to hear about your daughter. The good thing is that now, with breast cancer, they are able to treat it very successfully and most women can fully recover where this wasn’t the norm in the past. I wish her the best.

    – Christian

  3. Tracy says:

    Joel sorry to hear this as well, I lost a dear friend 21/2 years now to cancer not breast though, but hopefully they can treat her with success.
    Christian is right the success rate has increased over the years. There might be some cancer forums as well as blogs where she can share.Best to phil’s wife as well.