The Big Break drives me crazy

Is it just me or does the Big Break produce some of the worst golf ever shown on television? I always expect to see some of these golfers shine, when given such a great venue to play for great prizes and opportunity, but what is it that makes the contestants play so lousy? Is it the pressure of the money…the cameras?

What also ticks me off is that most of the Big Breakers have been playing some form of competitive golf on mini tours and the like for a long time, and they still can’t pull themselves together to hit fairways and greens. If someone has a theory on this, I’d love to hear it.

The only thing that keeps me watching is the characters they have on that show. It’s always good entertainment to hear the cocky guy spout off about how he’s the best golfer in the world yet he can’t seem to make a 5 foot putt to stay out of the elimination challenge.

3 Responses to “The Big Break drives me crazy”

  1. This is too funny. You’ve written down my exact thoughts. I can’t wait until you comment on the show that Michael Breed does. What is he, the Jim Cramer of golf? I can’t watch 5 seconds of this show. My brain can’t process the information fast enough.

  2. Christian says:

    Oh man..I can’t watch that show either. The Golf Fix right? He’s like Billy Mays and the Shamwow guy combined into a golf show. He needs to lay off the caffeine before they tape.