Florida Gators pick up Ex Big Break contestant for head coaching spot.

jan_dowling_2The Florida Gators recently decided to launch their old Women’s golf coach, who led the team to an uninspiring 16th place in the NCAA East regional tournament last year.   And they hired ex Big Breaker Jan Dowling, who was on BB III back in the day.  You remember that one right, with Pam and Danielle at each other’s throat for half the series.   Man was that great.  If memory serves me, I don’t think Jan made it much past the half way point of the show, but she was always a spiffy dresser.

Anyway, Dowling  spent one year as an assistant coach for Duke and a couple more for Kent state, played 3 years of professional golf on the Futures and Canadian Womens Tour, is now coaching big time college golf with the Gators.   Good luck to Jan and hopefully we won’t see you back on the BB any time soon.

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