Bored with practicing, mix up your golf practice sessions with these tips

Going to the range everyday and pounding balls gets old quickly. Especially if you’re doing what 90% of range goers are doing…just beating balls until they’re blue in the face. If you’re lucky enough to do your practicing on the course then you’ll also find that just going out to play for practice can get boring as well…so mix it up a bit. Here are a few fun ways to practice on the course, with a twist.

Play from the Ladies Tees
Yup you heard me….Playing from the front tees is a great way to mix up a course you play often because it gives you new yardages, approaches, and angles that you normally won’t find when you play your normal tees. You’ll have to hit some shorter wedges, and you’re game off the tee will change as well. It’s a fresh change of perspective when you get bored with your course. Yeah I know, there’s no way you’re going to play from the reds in the middle of the day with everyone staring and snickering right? You don’t have to play the reds at 9:00 o’clock on Saturday morning, but later in the afternoons is a good time when the course is emptier and you won’t feel so self conscious about hitting from the reds.

Odd or Even clubs ONLY!
Go play 9 holes with only your odd or even clubs…you’ll have to get creative on some shots where you don’t have your “comfy” club to fall back on. Get used to hitting some of those irons you don’t necessarily trust or look to for your normal shots. If you really want to get crazy, take the driver out of the bag, and while your at it, dump the fairway metals also. You’ll be surprised how your game changes and it’s a fun change of pace.

Two Ball Worst Ball
If you’re out practicing and you can play a couple of balls without holding up the entire course, play two balls on every shot. The kicker is, take your worst shot of the two and play your next two shots from there. So if you stripe one down the middle and hit your second one in the rough behind the tree, play your next two balls from behind the lumber. Do this with all of your shots, including putting and not only will you have a fresh, new practice session, but you’ll also be learning valuable scrambling skills. Unless you hit every ball straight..every time; then this drill won’t be much fun. Give it a try.

3 Club Round
A slight variation on the odd or even club practice session, for this event you only get 3 clubs…including your putter. Pick the three clubs you think you can get around your course with and head out there. This will test your shot making stills as well as your patience. You won’t need a bag, but don’t forget to bring some balls and tees. This one is even more fun if you can get a couple of buddies to do it with you.

So there you have it. A few ways to put some new life into your golf practices. It’s supposed to be fun out there, but occasionally it starts to get monotonous if you’re doing the same thing day after day. Freshen up your practices and you’ll learn some new skills and have a great time. Hit em’ straight!

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