Caddie Confidential – Great Golf Stories from the PGA Tour

caddie-confidential-final-2_300px_wiIf your looking for a fun golf read that gives you some insight to the innerworld of the PGA Tour, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Caddie Confidential by Greg “Pidler” Martin.  Martin has been Dan Forsman’s caddie for 23 years and he’s put together a great collection of stories and intriguing facts on some of the most popular PGA tour pros, directly from their caddies.

Want to know who’s the best tipper on tour?  Or which players are in need of some anger management?  Caddie Confidential has all the inside scoop that you don’t get to hear, unless you’re inside the ropes.

You’ll get a whole new perspective into how important caddies are and how they deal with the day to day workings of being on tour.

You can pick up a copy at Triumph Books Here.

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