Did Tom Watson Choke?

All the talk around the water cooler today is about how Watson choked that last putt on 18. Putting him in the playoff with Cink.   It looked like the pressure was taking it’s toll, but I just can’t bring myself to say Tom choked it away. We’re so used to seeing Tiger make every clutch putt he looks at, that when the mere mortal PGA players miss one, we instantly call them a choker.  The guy played 4 fantastic rounds of golf, and just wasn’t able to close it out.   In my mind, missing one putt doesn’t constitute a choke.  Blowing an entire hole or two coming in on the home stretch is another story all together.  Take a look at the video and see for yourself. Either way, it was a great to see one of the all time great golfers make such a good run a year before his 60th birthday.

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