Top 10 mistakes all newbie golfers make

newbielogoAlright newbie golfers, it’s time to learn a couple of things that some of your more experienced golfing friends might be afraid to discuss with you.  We were all new to the game at some point, so this is going to be for your benefit.  Keep in mind, I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing at you…wait, flip that the other way around.  Some of these are just lessons you’ll learn as you play more, but not knowing correct golf terminology makes you look like a real goofball. Let’s dive right in.

1.  I scored a 128 today – It’s not "I Scored".  You weren’t out trying to buy drugs.  The correct way to say it is "I SHOT a 128 today, but I hit a bunch of 300 yard drives"….get this one right and you’ll up your Golf IQ a ton.

2.  Bunkers vs. Sand Traps – Even experienced golfers use the term "sand traps" to refer to the sandy pits of hell that take most of use 3-4 shots to extricate ourselves from, but the correct phrase is "bunkers".  The term sand trap is not listed in the official rules of golf.  Listen to the pros, they’ll always call it a bunker.

3.  Get some shoes – If you’re going to play on the big boy courses, please break down and get yourself a pair of golf shoes.  Not only will you notice a difference in your traction and balance, but you won’t look like someone who has no business being on a golf course.   If you need cheap shoes, I have an offer code you can use at Austad’s Golf to save 10% at checkout. Use Code 25253 at Austad’s Golf.

4.  It’s time to pick up – You’re still learning the game so you’re score doesn’t really matter all that much.  If you’re struggling on a hole, and you’ve racked up 10 strokes before getting on the green, consider just picking up and marking a 12 for that hole.  Your partners will thank you for not dragging them down with you.

5.   the "Driver Range" – I wish I had a dollar for every time I see golfers at the range hitting ball after ball with their driver, neglecting the fact that they have another 12 clubs.  This is no way to improve your golf game.  You might use your driver 14 times a round at the absolute most,  so why would you devote 80% of your practice time to it?  Keep that thing in your bag and work on your irons and watch your swing & game get better improve dramatically.

6.  The fine line – We’re all guilty of occasionally stepping near someone’s putting line, but to let newbies do it is the fault of the more seasoned golfers playing with them.  If they don’t know this important piece of golf etiquette…please instruct them on how to avoid this error.  We’ll all benefit from it in the end.

7.  Don’t stand so close to me – Newbies don’t necessarily know where to stand when someone else is hitting. It’s important to make sure you’re standing in a location that doesn’t visually bother your fellow golfer.  I personally dislike it when people stand directly behind me.   I don’t like to feel as if my club is going to hit them on the backswing.  As a general rule, either get completely out of their peripheral vision and stand by the cart, or stand behind on a diagonal where they can see you and know you’re not right on top of their swing.

8.  Stay off the black tees –  Yeah, it’s a macho thing to play the championship tees, but being new to the game, you don’t really need to add an extra 800+ yards to what will already probably be a LONG day.  Play the white tees which make the course a little shorter, and you’ll have a more enjoyable day.   If it’s your first time on a regulation course, consider playing the red tees.  (I know, but you’ll thank me for it later).

9.  Shut you pie hole – Just another etiquette lesson that most newbies don’t know until their told.  When another golfer is getting ready to hit or putt, keep it quiet so you don’t distract them.  This one is pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many people are yapping away when you’re trying to tee off.   Don’t make me break out my "Quiet Please" tournament sign to prove a point. And the TOP NEWBIE MISTAKE is:

10.  Forget lessons, I’m buying a $400 driver – This is without a doubt the biggest newbie mistake in history.  You’ve only been playing a few months, but you think that expensive driver is going to have you shooting in the low 80’s?  C’mon.  Take that money and sign up for a lesson package at your local course or driving range.  You’ll get more benefit out of just a few lessons than that driver you probably won’t hit worth a darn anyway.  This applies to that $1000 set of forged blades that no 25+ handicapper has any business hitting. There’s probably a hundred more of these, but that’s a pretty good start. 

Like I said before, everyone was new to golf at some point, so this isn’t any attempt to make fun of beginning golfers.  Hopefully this will help some of you out who might just be learning the game.  And for you seasoned veterans, always take a moment to help the newbie learn the game.  Being able to hit the ball is only half of knowing the game of golf.  Here’s another article that has some great tips for beginning golfers. What tips do you have for the newbie golfers?


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  • New York Artificial Turf
    January 6, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Good tips here, next time i hit the links i won’t look like such a newb.

  • Darac
    January 10, 2011 at 10:15 am

    This is useful for new players. Thanks fo share this.

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