Autographed Caddyshack Movie Poster on eBay

caddyshackThis one is too good to pass up…one of our loyal readers emailed me this afternoon and pointed out there’s an autographed Caddyshack movie poster on auction at eBay.  I figured this thing would be going for several hundred bucks, but it doesn’t even have any bids yet.  If the signatures are legit, this would be a sweet piece of golf memorabilia for the office.  I think I’ll put in a bid on it and see what happens.  Thanks for the heads up on this one Steve…Check it out here.

Autographed Caddyshack Poster

5 Responses to “Autographed Caddyshack Movie Poster on eBay”

  1. John Barry says:

    Maybe it’s the 50.00 shipping and handling fee that are holding the bids back. Seems a little fishy way to ship something from the us like that for 50.00 bucks.

  2. Christian says:

    Yeah…I didn’t notice that until I went to put a bid in. I mean I’m sure packing it securely is a project, but you could probably ship a refrigerator for that price.

  3. Steve Ducey says:

    Shipping has been changed to Free. It will be included in the cost

  4. Christian says:

    Thanks Steve..I didn’t know that was your auction. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. The free shipping should help get some more action for you.

  5. John Barry says:

    Whats the reserve at?